August Smart Lock Review: A High-Tech Alternative to the Key Under the Mat


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When August first introduced its smart lock in 2014, it bested the competition by pairing high design and high tech in a way that other smarthome brands couldn’t. With its latest, third generation August Smart Lock, you get updated tech in a simpler, newly designed package. But the sales pitch hasn’t changed: With an August attached to your door, you can use your phone as your keys, text your best friend or delivery driver a digital key, and unlock your door automatically when you’re nearby.

This clean-sheet re-do isn’t the big, round knob you might associate with August. I think that the first locks wore their Yves Béhar-designed exteriors quite well. This new pill-shaped model is still made from high-quality aluminum, but it’s a little less striking than previous generations. Instead of the entire smart lock acting as the manual deadbolt switch, the new Smart Lock has a comparably petit lock on its face.