B6Z Extractor


B6Zip Releases New Version

The latest version of the world’s most advanced file archiving tool B6Zip has been released. B6Zip is used to extract B6Z files and boasts the highest compression ratio and benchmarking score. B6Z is a file format that is able to compress files and folders into archives so that data can be transmitted over the internet more efficiently. Many people also use B6Z for backup as it contains redundancy checks built in for archival purposes.

The new features of the released update include many improvements in the performance and speed of the program itself, as well as several additional features that have been included to help with the task of opening B6Z files and other archive file formats. Users of B6Zip will be surprised to find that yet more archive formats have been included as the list of supported file formats as increased to over 63 different formats. There was also several small bug fixes included which although minor, could cause aesthetic issues to users running the latest version of macOS High Sierra.

Users are recommended to update to the latest version of B6Zip if they have not done so already. The B6Zip app will not automatically check for updates so users must manually check that their app is at the latest version. Because B6Zip is free and open source, there is no cost to update to the newest release and the releases can be found on their official website for free download.