Bees swarm hot dog stand in Times Square


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What number of bees is simply too many bees? I’m not 100 % certain, however there certain had been plenty of bees on this scorching canine stand in Instances Sq..

Twitter was abuzz with bee chatter on Tuesday after an infinite variety of bees overtook a Sabrett’s umbrella on 43rd Avenue in Manhattan. In accordance with an professional cited by Gothamist, the bees had been most likely “expats from a close-by beehive” who determined to park near house and wait for his or her queen. Very feminist!

After information of the bees unfold all through town’s media hive thoughts, the New York Police Division roped off a part of the road, then started to suck the bees up with a particular bee vacuum. (In reality, the NYPD has lengthy retained a bee cop.)

A number of shops, together with Reuters and Yahoo, ran stay broadcasts of the bees. These broadcasts have since concluded, however you can still watch them should you actually wish to. A greater concept, although, could be studying everybody’s bee tweets, which — since we’re all starved for pleasure each second of day-after-day — are an actual deal with.

Jerry Seinfeld, any curiosity on this premise for Bee Film 2?

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