Below Deck’s Captain Lee Sounds Off on His Season 8 Injury – E! Online

Below Deck's Captain Lee Sounds Off on His Season 8 Injury - E! Online

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Come hell or high water, that charter was going to occur.

On Monday, Nov. 2’s season 8 best of Below Deck, audiences saw as the team rushed to prepare luxury yacht My Seanna for its very first charter without the assistance of Captain Lee Rosbach.

Why? Because the precious Below Deck captain was at the healthcare facility following a fall in the shower.

“I’ve had better days,” Captain Lee notified bosun Eddie Lucas. “I’m at the hospital right now…I’m embarrassed to say, but I fell in the shower. Went down pretty hard, busted a couple ribs.”

Before ending the call, Captain Lee informed his bosun that he “might need surgery.”

“If it’s bad, I may have to head home,” he even more said. “Hell, this season may be over for me before it even starts.”

This was certainly disconcerting news for Eddie, who was left in charge of preparing the luxury yacht for the next day’s charter.

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