Biden to starkly contrast his financial strategy with GOP as shutdown looms

Biden to starkly contrast his economic plan with GOP as shutdown looms

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U.S. President Joe Biden discusses the August U.S. tasks and work report numbers in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, September 1, 2023.

Jonathan Ernst|Reuters

WASHINGTON–President Joe Biden will talk Thursday contrasting his “Bidenomics” domestic policies with what the White House has actually called “MAGAnomics,” a referral in a speech Thursday as the 2 sides continue to spar over the spending plan with a possible federal government shutdown on the horizon.

The financial address is available in the middle of a budget plan face-off in Congress where hardline Republicans in the House of Representatives are requiring cuts too huge to pass the Democratic- managed Senate.

Congress has simply over 2 weeks to pass the twelve appropriations costs and get Biden’s signature. Failure to do so bySept 30 would lead to a federal government shutdown causing furloughed employees, firms closed and lots of necessary programs put in danger. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday slammed congressional Republicans for not reaching an arrangement.

“The shutdown should not happen,” Jean-Pierre stated. “That’s Congress’s job: To avoid a shutdown.”

It’s the 2nd costs standoff this year. House Republicans in the spring declined to raise the financial obligation ceiling without expense cutting concessions. The concern now is the hardline House Freedom Caucus is wanting to cut costs for the 2024 to $1.47 trillion, or about $120 billion under what Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy accepted previously this year.

“We’ve already agreed,” Jean-Pierre stated. “There was a bipartisan agreement on how to move forward with the budget that they voted on. A deal is a deal. They should keep their word and they should keep the government open.”

The MAGAnomics vision to be detailed by Biden is based off of the spending plan launched in June by the Republican Study Committee, White House senior consultant Anita Dunn composed in a memo ahead of the president’s speech. The core tenets of the Republican strategy that the administration is assaulting are cutting taxes for the most affluent Americans and corporations, making cuts to social safeguard programs like Social Security and Medicare and removing Medicare’s capability to work out drug rates in addition to the cap on insulin.

“While the Senate is advancing bipartisan bills in line with the budget deal the president negotiated with Speaker McCarthy in June, House Republicans have chosen a very different path — putting forward a series of reckless, partisan bills that would gut programs millions of hardworking families count on,” Dunn composed.

Biden in his speech will argue the number of of the arrangements are undesirable with daily Americans.

“House Republicans have understandably been reluctant to tout the MAGAnomics budget — but the White House is going to spend much of this fall doing it for them,” Dunn composed. “[Biden] will utilize today’s speech to hold House Republicans liable for the complete MAGAnomics program and contrast MAGAnomics with his financial vision.”