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For the better part of a decade, there was nothing more impressive than owning a BlackBerry. Walking down the street, both hands on the soft-touch sides of the handset, thumbs flying around the keyboard as you plowed through emails, BBMs, and texts. You could wear ripped jeans and a paint-stained shirt, but your BlackBerry still told the world you were a Very Important Person. Maybe you weren’t the hippest kid on the block, but you were definitely the most likely to own a yacht and know how to properly pronounce Gstaad.

You know what a BlackBerry says about you now? Specifically the newest BlackBerry model, the BlackBerry Keyone? It says you haven’t bought a phone in a decade, because wait, do they even make Blackberries anymore? It says you probably still have an AOL email address, carefully curate your MySpace Top 8, and the email you’re sending begins with “forward this to seven people or your crush will die.” It says, above all else, that you bought the wrong phone.

BlackBerry Keyone



BlackBerry’s software makes work super efficient. Great security features. Nice build quality.


Hardware keyboards are an old, outdated idea, and you don’t want one. The keyboard-focused design ruins everything else about the phone.