‘Blueberries’ on Mars have a watery past. But scientists are still baffled.


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It was only a few months after NASA’s Alternative rover touched down on Mars in 2004 that it noticed a geological curiosity: tiny, iron-rich spheres scattered throughout the rock floor close to the robotic’s touchdown web site. Snack-loving scientists working with the mission dubbed these objects “blueberries,” however the options had been simpler to call than to know. Their recipe stays one thing of a puzzle.

Making an attempt to type out the origins of those blueberries has all the time concerned learning similar-looking spherical formations right here on Earth. New analysis takes its inspiration from these terrestrial analogs to supply a brand new thought of the chemistry which will have gone into whipping up these Martian blueberries. In flip, this analysis helps reveal what historical Mars might have regarded like.

The blueberries are tantalizing for extra than simply their whimsical identify; in addition they constituted a number of the earliest proof we had that Mars was as soon as extremely moist. “It doesn’t matter what the precise chemistry of those spherules was to begin, the truth that they’re there tells us [that] plenty of liquid water moved by these rocks over time,” Briony Horgan, a planetary scientist at Purdue College in Indiana, informed Area.com. [10 Amazing Mars Discoveries by Rovers Spirit & Opportunity]

And if scientists can parse out exactly how the blueberries fashioned, which will assist us perceive what Mars was like again when the options fashioned — and what kind of life may have theoretically thrived in these circumstances, Horgan stated.

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So, the staff behind the brand new analysis traveled to 2 completely different terrestrial locations in quest of rock formations that resemble Martian blueberries: Utah and Mongolia. These formations aren’t an identical to these on Mars, that are a few tenth the dimensions of the Earthly equivalents. Our planet’s formations are additionally much less orderly than the Martian variations. “They’re all blobbed collectively. They’re completely different sizes,” Horgan stated of the terrestrial options.

However it’s a lot simpler to get to Utah and Mongolia than to Mars, so scientists use these options regardless of the imperfect comparability. The researchers discovered that the formations appeared to have been constructed round cores of a mineral known as calcite, with iron-rich materials in solely the outer shell. “That second [of discovery], it was very thrilling,” geochemist co-authors Hidekazu Yoshida of Nagoya College and Hitoshi Hasegawa of Kochi College in Japan, wrote in an e mail to Area.com.

Based mostly on these observations within the area and chemical modeling, the scientists prompt that floods of iron-rich, gently acidic water washed over the unique calcite buildings. In contrast to the terrestrial variations, Martian blueberries appear to be fabricated from hematite all over, now not sporting any calcite coronary heart. However that would level to a protracted interval of overwash that ate by all of the calcite, the researchers stated.

The nagging particulars of chemical reactions which will or might not have taken place on early Mars have bigger implications. First, these particulars are related to scientists’ pure curiosity in all that water that flowed by rocks to kind the blueberries. “The chemistry of water tells us in regards to the habitability of the atmosphere,” Horgan stated.

The second potential implication would relate to a different long-standing debate about Mars — what occurred to its once-thick environment. The authors within the new examine argued that this environment may have gone into the carbonate ions locked in calcite precursors to the blueberries.

However that would not resolve the atmospheric thriller, Steve Ruff, a planetary geologist at Arizona State College who works on the Alternative mission, informed Area.com. “My sense of what we all know in regards to the space of the hematite that we will map from orbit is it isn’t an enormous space,” masking lower than 1 % of Mars’ floor, he stated. There simply aren’t sufficient blueberries to pack away very a lot environment. [Latest Mars Rover Photos from Opportunity & Spirit]

He stated he additionally worries that Earth’s formations aren’t comparable sufficient to these on Mars for scientists to be taught in regards to the blueberries. However Ruff did not dismiss the brand new paper. “I am intrigued by this concept,” he stated. “The formation of those little concretions on Earth and positively on Mars has all the time been a little bit of a thriller, and there is a number of concepts about the way you kind these items.”

The Martian blueberries are sufficiently small that with a view to really resolve their thriller, scientists will want more-sophisticated instruments than are at the moment on the Crimson Planet. NASA’s subsequent rover, the Mars 2020 rover, will carry devices with excessive sufficient decision that they might sort out these questions. However that rover is slated to go to a spot known as Jezero Crater, distant from the plain the place Alternative noticed the blueberries.

“Going again to locations on Mars with NASA shouldn’t be one thing individuals wish to do. They wish to go to new locations,” Ruff stated. However, he stated he is not giving up hope that the brand new rover may resolve the blueberry thriller. “Perhaps we’ll get fortunate and see one thing like this with the 2020 rover.”

Regardless of the nuances of blueberry chemistry transform, the brand new paper is a reminder of the huge time scales — and the potential complexity such time scales entail — concerned in Martian geology, Horgan stated. “Time can play a very essential position within the minerals that we see,” Horgan stated. “We needs to be cautious. There may have been a number of issues that occurred to those rocks.”

The analysis is described in a paper revealed immediately (Dec. 5) within the journal Science Advances.

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