Blundering Russian tank leader gets his soldiers with turret

    Uncleared grabs: Clumsy Russian tankman knocks off comrades atop another tank with smoothbore

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    Five Russian soldiers were sent out flying after their messing up leader knocked them with his tank turret.

    Footage tweeted by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence reveals a tank swerving previous another armoured automobile which seems on fire.

    To the jaunty jingle from the late 1990 s Ukrainian television program The Village of Fools, the tank can be seen passing another tank with soldiers lined on top.

    But the turret turns and unintentionally sweeps a minimum of 5 of the soldiers off the tank, with one having a hard time to stand back up.

    The others seem unhurt and leave the awkward turmoil.

    The ministry tweeted: ‘The biggest threat to mobilised Russian infantry are mobilised Russian tankmen.’

    The awkward leader knocked 5 soldiers off the tank (Picture: Telegram)

    The 52- second-long video was published on January 27 and has actually clocked more than 1.5 million views– the ministry did not state when or where the video was shot.

    In December, the ministry shared a video of a Russian tank landing upside down after tumbling off a train– all to Yakety Sax, the signature tune to The Benny Hill Show.

    ‘Not that we are complaining. But in the future, we ask that the Russians be more careful when unloading military equipment,’ the ministry composed.

    ‘And to remember that every armoured vehicle is potential lend-lease equipment for (the Ukrainian Army).’

    Russia has actually lost a minimum of 1,600 tanks through the course of the war, according to Dutch research study group Oryx.

    Russia last lost more than 1,600 tanks since the war began last February (Picture: Ximena Borrazas/SOPA Images/Shutterstock)

    Russia last lost more than 1,600 tanks considering that the war started last February (Picture: Ximena Borrazas/ SOPA Images/Shutterstock)

    But the lives lost on both sides remain in the thousands, according to some price quotes.

    Andrei Medvedev, a previous leader of the Wagner Group, has actually opened about a few of the atrocities he saw defendingMoscow


    The group is a personal Russian military force that delights in close ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin– rights groups state members of the loose-knit entity have actually performed mass civilian executions and looted conflict-struck residential or commercial properties.

    Medvedev, 26, informed Reuters how he left over the Artic border, braving barbed wire and ducking from border patrol and gunshots to cross throughout the Russian-Norwegian border. He is now looking for asylum in Norway.

    ‘Many consider me to be a scoundrel, a criminal, a murderer,’ Medvedev stated.

    ‘First of all, repeatedly, and again, I would like to apologise, and although I don’ t understand how it would be gotten, I wish to state I’m sorry.

    ‘I want to explain that I am not that person. Yes, I served in Wagner. There are some moments (in my story) that people don’ t like, that I joined them at all, however no one is born wise.’

    Andrei Medvedev, a former commander of Russia's Wagner mercenary group poses for a picture during an interview in Oslo, Norway February 1, 2023. REUTERS/Janis Laizans

    Andrei Medvedev is a previous member of the Wagner Group, a personal Russian military force with close ties to Vladimir Putin (Picture: Reuters)

    The 26- year-old Siberian now wishes to see ‘the perpetrators are punished’, remembering the ‘f***ed up’ scenes of roadways ‘ littered with the corpses of our soldiers’ in Artemovsk.

    ‘The scariest thing? To realise that there are people who consider themselves to be your compatriots, and who could come and kill you in an instant, or on someone’ s orders,’ he stated.

    ‘Your own people. That probably was the scariest thing.’

    Now worries of a counteroffensive that might match the start of the war have actually been raised as Moscow has actually massed numerous countless soldiers inUkraine


    Kyiv intelligence price quotes Russia has more than 320,000 soldiers in the nation– about two times as lots of as it had at the start of the bloody war.

    Russia is targeting lots of locations a day in a significant boost in weapons attacks, leaving some locations of eastern Ukraine hardly ever quiet.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine stated on Monday: ‘I believe that Russia actually desires some sort of huge vengeance.

    ‘I think it has started it.’

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