BN Lawmaker: “Stealing is Not Wrong, Unless You Get Caught”


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That quote positively acquired everybody’s jaws dropping!

In Dewan Rakyat yesterday (four April), Noh Omar, a Barisan Nationwide lawmaker stated that stealing shouldn’t be a incorrect factor to do, besides for those who get caught doing it. So except somebody arrests you for doing so, you’re thought-about not within the incorrect.

As reported by Free Malaysia Today, the Tanjong Kajang MP said that when demanding that BN politicians be treated equally as the politicians from the current ruling government. This was said because he said principals of schools who allowed him to enter their compounds were warned by the State Education Department not to do so.

BN Lawmaker: Stealing is Not Wrong, Unless You Get Caught - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Star

He said that a circular dated February 2, 2008, allows politicians to enter school premises so long as they obtain permission from the education department. However, referring to how come no opposition lawmaker was allowed in schools back when BN was still in power, he mentions that it’s because no one brought up this issue.

“Stealing is not wrong, only when you are arrested it becomes wrong. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is not wrong, only when the police arrest you it becomes wrong.”

“The same with this regulation,” he said.

He further stated that he has evidence that some school heads were told not to allow him to enter and implied that it is within his rights to do so.

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