Botched’s Dr. Paul Nassif Gives Update on “Gorgeous” Baby Girl – E! Online

Botched's Dr. Paul Nassif Gives Update on

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Dr. Paul Nassif & Wife Brittany Are Expecting!

Dr. Paul Nassif is caring being a #GirlFather.

The Botched cosmetic surgeon specifically shared an upgrade on child Paulina with E! News. Nassif and partner Brittany invited their very first kid together in October 2020. “She’s sitting up, she’s clapping a little bit, she loves staring at me,” Nassif gushed about his only child. “I think the next step is going to be crawling.”

And yes, co-star and BFF Dr. Terry Dubrow was the one who initially joked about the latest mini Nassif being called after her father! The name fits: Paulina is definitely daddy’s princess. “She’ll focus on me, she’ll sit there and she’ll stare at me smiling and when that happens, my heart just goes, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it!'” Nassif beamed. “I’m so blessed to have a gorgeous little healthy baby girl.”

Dubrow likewise sees a unique resemblance in between the father-daughter duo. “You know what I noticed? She smiles when she passes gas exactly the way Paul does when he passes gas,” he joked.

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