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    graziely and her mum

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    A mum whose child’s head keeps growing due to a medical condition states she is‘beautiful’ in spite of the terrible names individuals call her.

    (*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )AdalgisaSoaresAlves fell pregnant withGrazielyAlves Régis, fromBrazil, she understood something wasn’t right due to the fact that she had problem with extreme stomach discomfort.

    Doctors informed her when she was 8 months pregnantGraziely had hydrocephalus, which is an accumulation of fluid on the brain which triggered pressure and damage to her skull.

    Due to the condition,Graziely’s head was bigger than average when she was born and continues to grow in spite of numerous operations.

    She was provided 3 months to live by physicians howeverGraziely has actually defied expectations and in spite of losing her sight, being bedbound and not able to talk, she is still alive aged29

    NowAdalgisa,48, states her child has actually been called the‘giant baby’ and chose to shareGraziely’s everyday battles on social networks.

    ‘I don’ t believe it’s terrible due to the fact that“baby” is a caring word, however when they call out her“big head” I feel unfortunate,’ the mum informed RequirementTo

    ‘Because then that is simply being terrible.

    Graziely was just provided 3 months to live by physicians(Picture:(************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )Press/Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)
    graziely and her mum
    She has a medical condition called hydrocephalus(Picture:JamPress/Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)
    graziely and her mum
    Adalgisa struck out at the online giants who call her child names(Picture:JamPress/Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)

    ‘But the important thing is that me, and all our family and friends, love Graziely the way she is.’

    The mum stated absolutely nothing might be done to assist her child prior to or right away after she was born.

    She stated:’Every day I look after her, shower her and feed her with all my love.

    (************************************************* )m devoted toGraziely and it makes me pleased to see her well looked after, from me and all of our household.

    ‘Nephews, cousins, aunties and a lot more relative like to come and see her and take care of her.

    ‘I don’ t work, I simply look after her– I more than happy to look after her and it is rewarding when I see her smile.



    She is now bed bound, has actually lost her sight and is not able to talk(Picture:JamPress/Instagram @adalgisasoaresalves)

    ‘I never lose hope because I am a woman of great faith and I always put God above everything — I pray a lot every day.’

    Graziely’s day starts at 7am with a homemade papaya shake followed by soup and a tidy at11 am, and once again at 6pm.

    Graziely utilizes30 packs of nappies, costing75 reais( ₤1220 )per pack, with around 2,250 reais( ₤366) being invested in the vital each month.

    The household count on BPC payments, a non-contributory pension plan readily available to those not able to work due to special needs.

    People throughout social networks have actually supported(****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )and(**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** )withSarah commenting:‘This lady is an awesome mum,’ and another individual stated:‘God bless you so much.’

    )Adalgisa included:’ I constantly hope that she will live[for] several years.

    ‘ She transfers favorable energy and I feel a peace that overruns when somebody gos to her.


    ‘I will always give her the best because she was born from my womb, she was very much loved and desired inside my belly and I will love her until the last day of her life.’

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