Breaking Down the Custody Battle Between Jaime King and Kyle Newman – E! Online

Breaking Down the Custody Battle Between Jaime King and Kyle Newman - E! Online

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Jaime went on to submit a statement in action to Kylie’s petition, which E! News has actually acquired. In the Nov. 6 filing, the starlet declared that she declined Kyle’s demand to take a trip with the young boys to Canada, due to the fact that she did not desire the kids to be seen by an “unknown caretaker,” to name a few factors.

She went on the discuss why she resumed custody of their kids 3 days after the formerly concurred upon date. According to the files, Jaime declared that she got the young boys after school on the 27th, due to the fact that she was not able to get a quick COVID test and to avoid the young boys from being sidetracked throughout online school. 

Then, on Nov. 13, Kyle submitted a reaction to Jaime’s statement. In the filing acquired by E! News, he declared it remains in their boys’ “best interest” that he be given complete custody, declaring that Jaime had the young boys “miss an entire week of school” while in Puerto Rico.

Furthermore, he declared that she has “prevented” him from talking to his boys, which she declared was due to the fact that of “unreliable internet service.” Kyle contested her claim, mentioning her social networks posts as evidence that she was lying. 

Additionally, he declared in the filing that he has “no interest in hurting Jaime’s career or making her ‘unemployable,” writing, “Since Jaime was the breadwinner of our family for much of our marriage, I rely on Jaime for support.” 

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