Cameraman cuts away from Olympic hockey match to movie cockroach

    Cameraman cuts away from Olympics to film cockroach

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    At least it wasn’t cricket… (Picture: Vivo)

    The Olympics is a great deal of things: amazing, filled with drama, and breathtaking, simply among others.

    But something very few people would explain it as, is ‘boring’. At least, not more uninteresting than a bug delicately crawling along.

    However one cam operator appeared to believe so when they bizarrely cut the video far from a hockey match to movie his brand-new insect buddy – a cockroach.

    Argentine sports channel TyC was revealing a ladies’s video game in between Argentina and Spain when the random close-up shot of the roach appeared.

    Argentina was leading the match 1-0, with simply over 5 minutes delegated play in the 4th quarter, and a replay was being revealed.

    The analyst can be heard explaining the cockroach with its Spanish name: ‘la cucaracha’.

    Many individuals on social networks rapidly explained the strange piece of video.

    One individual composed on Twitter: ‘Olympic athletes competing at a high level? Not interested. Cockroach waddling? Yes.’

    Another tweeted: ‘That roach did not need that much screen time.’

    Someone else stated: ‘Me as a cameraman losing focus and filming things I find more fascinating.’

    And another commented: ‘Give this little guy a gold medal.’

    Thankfully, the cam operator went back to the match to see Argentina win 3-0.

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