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Let’s Make It a Laid-back Labor Day

Planning a low-key Labor Day? Lay back this upcoming long weekend with the help of your pocket-sized partner in crime—your smartphone. While a certain classic ‘80s flick promised self-drying jackets, self-lacing shoes and all-around futuristic fun by 2015 (let’s not forget hoverboards), this year still has some of us craving an even more laidback lifestyle.  So, what better way to celebrate Labor Day than to be “laborless?” Here are just few ways your phone can help ensure that your mind and body remain relaxed.

Capital One

Whatever you decide to do over the long weekend, rest assured that your clothes will be clean, your dog will get walked, your toilet will get fixed and you’ll be rested up and ready to work on Tuesday with a full fridge and a fresh perspective.

Clean Rinse

Crack open a cold one and catch up on your TV binge because clean clothes are no longer an issue. is ready to schedule pickup and delivery for all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs. For just a small price per pound, Rinse will machine wash and dry your dirty threads and you can schedule pickup online or via text, if you reside in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC or Chicago.

Stay Quenched

Beer runs can be a when the watching has already begun. With the help of Thirstie, you can continue to entertain your inner couch potato and leave the heavy lifting to an on-demand alcohol service. Thirstie serves as your digital butler, delivering your favorite adult beverages directly to your door.

Be Thoughtless

When making a decision is just too draining to think about, decision apps will deliberate for you. The Decider for Android and Decide Now! for iOS take the wheel when it comes to free will and let you temporarily tune out your thoughts.

Pampered Pups

The unconditional love experienced between human and hound is unparalleled, but sometimes the effort expected to help them expel is simply unattainable. Swifto allows you to love your four-legged friend by letting other people take them out for a walk. Even better, you can creep on the critter and track their steps via GPS.

Go-Go Gadget Groceries

Fridge looking a little limp? Instacart allows you stock up for the short week ahead without leaving the living room. Enjoy 1-hour delivery of deliciousness to your door and when you finally feel like meal prepping for the work week, you’re all set!

It’s Alive

While your friends fiesta’d you siesta’d, napping the day away, cooped at home. Let them know you’re not dead without lifting more than a thumb with Yo. Simply tap a name and a “Yo!” goes out to your bros. Avoiding your significant other who deserves a little more than a “Yo?” BroApp sends sweet nothings the same way. Relationship salvaged. Relaxation unremitted.

Helping Hands

Your A/C has been on the fritz and you had every intention of getting it fixed over the holiday weekend. However, a last-minute backyard BBQ sounds much more enticing. Handy helps you hang out with friends while your A/C gets fixed. Drain clogged? Painting project? Defective electrical outlet? Handle it with an experienced Handy network professional.

The Perfect Mate

Tons of apps deliver food, but Postmates makes it possible to enjoy anything on-demand. Order from virtually any store or restaurant in your city, 365, 24/7. If you want it, they’ll bring it. So, if you’ve been laying a heavy hand on the remote and are in desperate need of double A batteries, Postmates can make it happen.

Luxe Life

Should you choose to dine out on Labor Day, you need not worry about finding a parking spot with the help of Luxe. Luxe lets you leisurely go about your day by sending a personal valet your way to legally park your car for you, no matter where you are.  Luxe is currently available for iOS and Android.

What it boils down to is that you can basically do absolutely nothing and get everything done this Labor Day weekend. Even if your birthday is on September 4th, you need not waste your precious oxygen with Blower, the app that will blow your candles out for you. Whatever you decide to do over the long weekend, rest assured that your clothes will be clean, your dog will get walked, your toilet will get fixed and you’ll be rested up and ready to work on Tuesday with a full fridge and a fresh perspective.

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