Celebrity Weddings We Wish We’d Scored Invites To – E! Online

Celebrity Weddings We Wish We'd Scored Invites To - E! Online

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Wedding season isn’t what it utilized to be.

Thanks to the continuous worldwide pandemic, the easy act of collecting to witness 2 enthusiasts get married has actually been rendered something of an impossibility, with bride-to-bes- and grooms-to-be required to either pare down their strategies to something more lined up with social distancing standards or delay them completely. And that goes double for the lavish star weddings all of us enjoy to consume over. 

The days of the excessive events with numerous visitors—much of them of the A-list range—coming together to rub elbows in some striking and special area are over. For now, a minimum of. (Sorry, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Hopefully you will not need to wait excessive longer!)

While we wait on the world to work its method back to a regular adequate location so the matrimonial merrymaking may resume, we’ll simply need to scratch our wedded-bliss itch by recalling at a few of the celebrity wedding events for many years that we wanted we’d experienced firsthand. From the beautiful places to the ultra-famous guests, these are the weddings we’re still not over.