CEO of Regal Cinemas owner on closing cinema throughout pandemic

CEO of Regal Cinemas owner on closing movie theaters during pandemic

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Cineworld CEO Mooky Greidinger informed CNBC on Monday the theater chain decided to close its U.S. and U.K. areas due to the fact that there are inadequate smash hit films being launched to bring in participants throughout the pandemic. 

“We are now like a kind of a grocery shop that have no food to sell,” Greidinger stated on “Squawk Alley.” 

The moms and dad of Regal Cinemas will briefly shutter its more than 500 U.S. theaters Thursday, along with its 127 Cineworld and Picturehouse areas in the U.K. Greidinger did not state when the areas will resume, however today, he stated, “It’s better for us to wait.” 

“Might be a month, might be two months, until the … Covid-19 situation will be clearer. Maybe there will already be a vaccination,” he stated. “It might take another month, but at the end of the day, we must have a clear lineup of movies before we reopen.” 

Cineworld’s choice comes days after the release of the most recent James Bond film was once again pressed back, this time to April 2021. It had actually at first been set up to debut in April of this year prior to the coronavirus pandemic overthrew the show business, resulting in theater closures, production shutdowns and a host of release hold-ups. 

Shares of Cineworld, which trade on the London Stock Exchange, were down more than 30% Monday. The choice by the world’s second-largest theater chain put pressure on the stock of its primary competitor, AMC Entertainment, which saw its shares fall by about 10% intraday. 

The James Bond movie hold-up was not the only factor Cineworld chose to roll back its resuming in the U.S. and U.K., Greidinger stated. One aspect weighing on the whole film market — from the studios to the theater operators — are the operating limitations in New York state and California, he stated. 

In California, whether theaters can be open for indoor provings depends upon the intensity of coronavirus transmission on a county-by-county basis. As of Monday, indoor films are not allowed Los Angeles County, house to Hollywood. 

In New York, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated Sept. 16 the state would continue to keep theaters and show places closed, pointing out issues of an uptick in Covid-19 cases, according to the Albany Business Review. 

New York and California are the 2 most significant film markets in the U.S., Greidinger stated. He included he does not truly blame the studios for waiting to launch smash hit movies with those markets completely, or perhaps partly, closed.

The difficulty dealing with cinema operators in the U.S. today is a “classic” the-chicken-or-the-egg situation, Greidinger stated. “But here, the chicken and the egg have one trigger, and we need to have back the big states that are still not open,” he stated, questioning why New York has actually permitted partial indoor dining however not cinema. 

Greidinger competed there has actually been strong presence in some European markets where huge films were launched, such as in Poland and Hungary. In August, he informed CNBC there was at first strong need — reasonably speaking, due to capability limitations — when U.S. theaters resumed. 

“People really missed the cinemas and wanted to go back into the big screen,” the president stated Aug. 27. 

On Monday, nevertheless, Greidinger worried the trouble of bring in individuals to the theater without a smash hit movie on the marquee. “The oldies are nice,” he stated. But “we need to have back the big movies and the new movies.” 

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