Checking In With the Winners of America’s Next Top Model – E! Online

Checking In With the Winners of America's Next Top Model - E! Online

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Wanna be on top? 

For 24 straight seasons (sorry, cycles) numerous countless runway novices quite did. Leggy locals of Joliet, Illinois and Grand Forks, North Dakota showed up to the America’s Next Top Model set to the find out the art of the smize and the booty touch and, most significantly, how to construct a profession in style á la host Tyra Banks, who quite controlled the field from 1996 (the year she initially appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue) onward. 

Yes, as long time innovative director Jay Manuel has actually just recently highlighted, a few of the reviews and difficulties definitely feel off-putting now—and were every bit as doubtful in the early 2000s. (Blackface in any model is merely not all right, a belief Banks no doubt concurs with, having tweeted, “Looking back, those were some really off choices.”) 

But when the truth series premiered 17-and-a-half years back, initially on the now-defunct UPN, then The CW and, most just recently, VH1, it controlled, at one point netting upwards of 6 million audiences excited to enjoy wannabe model sob through their pixie cut “Ty-over” and effort to nail the ideal commercial for LashBlast Mascara.

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