Child killer who killed woman, 16, has actually now ‘raped kid’ after early prison release

    Photo of Kyle Cummings next to photo of Jennifer Bolender

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    Kyle Cummings was detained for raping a kid 8 months after he was released for the dreadful 2002 murder of Jennifer Bolender, right

    A kid killer who assisted eliminate a 16 year-old for declining to kiss his friend has actually now raped a kid after being devoid of jail early, district attorneys state. Kyle Cummings, 33, is implicated of sexually attacking a woman aged 14 or 15, simply 8 months after he was devoid of jail early for the December 2002 murder of Jennifer Bolender.

    Cummings, of Niagara Falls in upstate New York, was charged with second-degree rape and other sex criminal activities Wednesday. Prosecutor Caroline Wojtaszek stated the allegations versus Cummings were ‘troubling’ – however did not provide additional information of the brand-new claims he deals with, according to The Buffalo News.

    The declared pedophile is stated to have actually struck less than a year after being released for the dreadful killing of Bolender, who was assaulted by Cummings and friend Daniel Pardee after she avoided Pardee’s advances.

    Cummings, then 15, and Pardee, then 19, knocked their victim to the ground near an expressway, prior to punching her and stomping on her till they thought she was dead.

    Photo of Kyle Cummings

    Kyle Cummings is visualized at his 2003 trial, which saw him imprisoned for 6 years to life

    They went house, then went back to the location to attempt and make the attack appear like a ‘robbery gone bad.’ Cummings and Pardee, who were signed up with by Cummings’ then 14 year-old bro Christopher, got here back at the scene to understand Bolender was still alive.

    The trio then dragged the woman up onto a pedestrian foot bridge, where Christopher Cummings utilized a big knife to slash Bolender’s throat from ear to ear, the Niagara Gazette reported.

    Pardee then stabbed Bolender 49 times. Kyle Cummings later on struck a plea offer that saw him affirm versus his bro and Pardee in return for a 2nd degree murder charge.

    He was sentenced to in between 6 years and life behind bars, and wound up serving 16 years till his release in October 2019.

    Christopher Cummings and Pardee stay behind bars for Bolender’s murder, with bail for Kyle Cummings set at $25,000 money or $50,000 bond.

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