Chlo ë Bailey Reveals Her Relationship Dealbreakers

Chloë Bailey Reveals Her Relationship Dealbreakers

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Chloe Bailey understands what qualities a male requires to treat her right.

“Don’t be cocky,” the vocalist shown E! News’ Daily Pop while talking about her Make ‘Em Sweat hot sauce collab with DoorDash. “Don’t play me. You better respond to me. Don’t have long fingernails.”

Her last, and maybe essential, relationship dealbreaker: “You better smell good.”

As for how the 23- year-old likes to end her dates? Well, as she informed host Justin Sylvester, with “a little mystery.”

On the other hand, “If it’s like a long-distance situation and it’s the first time meeting up,” she stated that sharing a kiss “might be hot.”

And when it concerns discovering a male, well, slide on into her DMs– older potential customers invite.

“I have a mature soul,” she stated about age spaces. “I need someone to teach me some things because ‘imma be teaching them some things. You know what I mean?”