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Chrissy Teigen Calls Out

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Now that she is utilizing Twitter more moderately, Chrissy Teigen wishes to cut down on needless negativeness, although it’s simpler stated than done. 

The star tweeted on Tuesday, Dec. 8 that she was changing a picture of her Quibi program Chrissy’s Court as her Twitter header, considered that the streaming service is now defunct. This led a Twitter user to chime in to state that they prepare to unfollow the design since she goes “on about EVERYTHING.”

Teigen appears to have actually shared a reaction to this that she has actually because erased. This deleted action led the user to write, “I didn’t say anything horrible about you. What you just did was really classless.”

When a fan of Teigen’s recommended that the user attempt to be better, the individual replied that “160 tweets within one hour is in my opinion too much. However the way she responded was completely classless.”

At that, Teigen fired back with, “I haven’t tweeted for 3 days, then said 6 things. Lolllllll you are weird and angry.”

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