Chuck E. Cheese Accused of Racial Discrimination

Chuck E. Cheese Accused of Racial Discrimination

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A New Jersey mama is implicating Chuck E. Cheese of racial discrimination.

Twitter user Umm Safa declared in anAug 1 tweet that her 2-year-old was “racially discriminated against” at a Chuck E. Cheese area in Wayne, New Jersey, on July 30.

In a video she posted to Twitter, the mouse character Chuck E. Cheese at the household home entertainment center and pizza dining establishment appears to high-five numerous white kids basing on a phase, however does not appear to react to a Black young child who is seen excitedly leaping up and down beside the mascot.

Along with a clip of the event, Safa composed, “As you can see, he provides all of the [white] kids hi-5s & & intentionally disregarded my black child.”

Safa stated that she reported the event to the dining establishment’s personnel however was “ignored.” She likewise shared a picture of her child and the Chuck E. Cheese mascot posturing together, which she stated management “insisted” they take after saying sorry that the mouse was “not able to see her.”

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