Clare Crawley Is “Completely Devastated” After Dale Moss Breakup – E! Online

Clare Crawley Says She Tries to

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A source informs E! News that Clare Crawley is sad by Dale Moss‘ choice to end their quick relationship. As the expert puts it, “She’s trying to focus on herself right now but is completely devastated.”

The expert shares that Dale formally “broke it off” with Clare after recognizing he wasn’t prepared for the level of dedication she was requesting for.

“Clare and Dale were taking time apart and we’re working it out, but it led to a definite split,” the source discusses. “Dale felt that he is not ready for marriage and was not ready to move to Sacramento for Clare. They were making a lot of plans that Dale could not commit to.”

The expert likewise includes that Dale “didn’t feel right” about the instructions their relationship was going and he “had to follow his heart.”

“They are in different places in life right now,” the source states. 

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