CNN mocked after declaring cuckolding can be a positive for certain couples


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Jeff Zucker’s CNN continues to develop stranger by the day and is now being mocked throughout social media for publishing an article declaring that cuckolding might be constructive.

The weird piece begins off by explaining that “the time period ‘cuck’ — quick for ‘cuckservative’ — has grow to be an insult of the so-called alt-right, geared toward males they view as spineless and emasculated.” Cuckold is outlined as “the husband of an adulteress.”

Nonetheless, CNN seemingly doesn’t assume cuckolding could be so dangerous.  

Citing a examine by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and controversial author Dan Savage, CNN notes that cuckolding can truly be a “constructive expertise” for sure . The examine additionally notes that cuckolding is “hardly an indication of weak spot,” although the abbreviated model is basically a contemporary slur for somebody displaying weak spot. 

Savage, whom CNN treats as an skilled on cuckolding, has a repute for being an advocate of morally debased rhetoric. Previously, the LGBT activist has mentioned he wished all Republicans have been “lifeless,” wished oral most cancers on Sarah Palin, inspired college students to “ignore” the Bible and has made quite a lot of controversial remarks about sexuality and the transgender group. 

Savage’s examine cited by CNN is headlined, “The Psychology of Homosexual Males’s Cuckolding Fantasies,” and used a “massive and numerous” pattern of 580 homosexual males.

Whereas the examine focuses on homosexual males, the CNN story options a picture of a presumed feminine with two presumed males.

“Their findings counsel that there are similarities between the way in which homosexual and straight males view cuckolding, however clear variations, too. Most notably, interracial and BDSM themes do not look like as frequent in homosexual males’s cuckolding fantasies as they’re amongst heterosexual males. The motivations behind these fantasies can also be completely different,” CNN contributor and psychotherapist Ian Kerner wrote. “A part of what makes cuckolding arousing for heterosexual males is that they have an inclination to view it as a taboo act.”

Each day Caller media reporter Joe Simonson mocked the report. “The concept such a examine’s findings would have implications for heterosexuals (nearly all of individuals) is totally untenable, contemplating the very fundamental undeniable fact that homosexuals and heterosexuals have very clearly completely different sexual proclivities and habits… In fact, that didn’t cease CNN from stating that such a observe might one way or the other profit .”

Show nothing; That is on Publish with no configured Picture

The story was panned on Twitter with one consumer declaring that CNN is now the “Cuckolding Information Community,” whereas one other instructed CNN to “simply cease” as a result of it’s “hurting America.” 

CNN’s story is peppered with quotes by Ley, Lehmiller and Savage that again up their examine and try and normalize cuckolding.

“In a society or tradition that idealizes monogamy, the cuckold fantasy is a present narrative that’s accessible to individuals to conceptualize their sexual fantasies,” Ley instructed CNN, whereas Lehmiller mentioned “cuckolding is not fairly as taboo” for homosexual males as a result of “the norm of lifelong monogamy is not so sturdy within the LGBT group.”  

Savage chimed in, “Our erotic imaginations have the power to show disgrace lemons into scrumptious kink lemonade.”

CNN’s curious story ends with a public service announcement: “For who do determine to maneuver ahead, it is vital to take issues sluggish.”

Brian Flood covers the media for Fox Information. Comply with him on Twitter at @briansflood.

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