CNN’s Chris Cuomo blasts McConnell over Supreme Court comment, tries to encourage viewers to vote him out


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CNN anchor Chris Cuomo closed his show on Tuesday night slamming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over his Supreme Court remarks, stunningly comparing him to a “fever rash” and suggested to his viewers he should be voted out of office.

McConnell drew a lot of ire from critics during the 2016 election when he derailed the nomination President Obama’s Supreme Court pick Judge Merrick Garland and kept it vacant for President Trump to fill in 2017.

And at an event on Tuesday night, McConnell was asked what he’d do if a SCOTUS seat became vacant in 2020.

“Oh, we’d fill it,” the Senate Majority Leader grinned, causing the room to roar with laughter.

During his “Closing Argument” segment, Cuomo lambasted McConnell, decrying “the hypocrisy.”

“Shame on McConnell, poster child for perfidy, all things wrong with politics,” Cuomo began. “Except he isn’t the problem, is he? He’s a symptom, like a fever rash, or clammy hands, or gas.”

After reiterating the “elections have consequences” mantra, Cuomo told viewers, “You control all of it — what McConnell does, what deals are made, they’re all vote in or out these people and they act in no fear of consequence more than good conscience… too many put too much emphasis on the players and not the reality of who controls the game.”


The CNN anchor then argued for McConnell’s ousting.

“If you were to look at this and say, ‘I don’t want to see another one of these guys do this again. I hate this.’ If you feel like that and you’re in Kentucky, there will never be another Mitch McConnell moment like this if he gets voted out,” Cuomo urged his viewers. “These people are only as bad as you allow them to be. Elections do have consequences.’

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