CNN’s Don Lemon insists Trump’s base actually likes Obama, just not his policies



CNN anchor Don Lemon dismissed the notion that President Trump’s supporters dislike former President Obama, insisting they consider that he’s a “sort, first rate man” who merely did not like his insurance policies.

Throughout Monday night time’s handoff, Lemon’s primetime colleague Chris Cuomo started by evaluating the nice and cozy reception Obama obtained in Toronto, the place he acquired a standing ovation at an NBA Finals sport. He in contrast that to protests which have taken place throughout Trump’s go to to the UK.

Lemon showered Obama with reward, saying he “seems good” and explaining that the distinction between each receptions is that “folks love Obama” and that he is “beloved all around the world” and that individuals within the UK “do not like Trump.”

“Folks love Obama, that is all I can say. And why not?” Lemon elaborated. “He is a good individual… even when you disagree along with his politics, he is a good, sort man who was very stylish on a regular basis. He did not name folks ‘dumb.’ He did not name folks ‘nasty.’ He did not name folks ‘complete losers.’ He wasn’t a fifth grader, he was an grownup.”

” who did not like him although, you recognize who does not share your opinion… the Trump base,” Cuomo stated.

Lemon disagreed.

“I feel Trump’s base will let you know, ‘I did not like his insurance policies, however he was a sort, first rate man,'” Lemon informed Cuomo.

“Some would possibly,” Cuomo replied. “I feel with out President Bush, you’d by no means get Obama. With out Obama, you’d by no means get Trump.”

“In the event that they’re saying that, they’re delusional,” Lemon shot again. “The place’s the proof that Obama ever denigrated anybody?”


“They thought he was divisive, they thought he was taking part in to race, they thought he was making an attempt to marginalize being white on this nation that he did not assume America was particular,” Cuomo argued.

“As a result of he was black,” Lemon replied. “As a result of somebody saved asking for a rattling beginning certificates as a result of the hate teams acquired upset as a result of a black man was president. You did not get Trump until you bought Obama, until you’ve gotten individuals who have been pissed black man was president, even when they’re rigorously conscious of it or not.”

“Folks used to lambast me for criticizing the previous president. You do not hear about that anymore,” Lemon later added. “And all you hear from Trump folks is ‘you’re keen on Obama.'”


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