Cold Justice Investigates Unsolved Natasha Atchley Murder

Cold Justice Investigates Unsolved Natasha Atchley Murder

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“This place was just a rutted dirt trail not very different from this,” San Jacinto County District Attorney Todd Dillon states while taking a look at the scene of the criminal activity in present day. “It had rained the night before. It rained the night the car was found. You see a bunch of sago palms and stuff like that in the side. That means there’s a lot of water retention.”

When Siegler tries to comprehend how deep the hole surrounding Atchley’s cars and truck may have been at the time, San Jacinto Country Assistant D.A. Robert Freyer states it might have been “easily a foot.”

“That deep?!” Siegler reacts in shock. “I thought y’all were going to say three inches. Dang!”

When Siegler and several members of the investigative team understand they all utilized to drive the exact same Camaro as Atchley, a discovery enters your mind.

“Y’all remember when you would drive these cars and you would just park too close to a curb?” Siegler asks. “You couldn’t open the door. It wouldn’t open.”