Conor McGregor compared to Cristiano Ronaldo by Irish former sparring partner Jay Byrne


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‘the pristine athlete’

McGregor camp enlisted help of Irish pro boxer Jay Byrne to help prepare MMA champion for Floyd Mayweather fight

CONOR McGREGOR’S sparring partner has compared the UFC superstar to football’s great Cristiano Ronaldo.

The McGregor camp enlisted the help of Irish pro boxer Jay Byrne to help prepare the MMA champion for the biggest fight in history with Floyd Mayweather.


Conor McGregor has been described as the ‘pristine athlete’ by Jay Byrne


The two go head to head in Vegas this Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Byrne said: “He’s Cristiano Ronaldo of the fight world, there’s no question about it.

“He is the pristine athlete. He doesn’t cut corners.”

“The one thing that stands out is his conditioning. The man is a pristine athlete.

“His conditioning is top notch. His strength, he’s very strong. He keeps himself in serious condition.”

“When he went into the UFC he took it to a whole new level and a lot of his UFC fights, because of his hands, he’s won because of his boxing skills.”

McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo trained together last summer

Instagram @thenotoriousmma

McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo trained together last summer
Floyd Mayweather scoffs down a Burger King just days before he fights Conor McGregor

There has been plenty of needle between the feuding duo ahead of the fight

Getty Images – Getty

There has been plenty of needle between the feuding duo ahead of the fight

However, Byrne, who has played a vital role in preparing the Irishman, believes McGregor’s biggest asset is his confidence.

He added: “He believes in himself. He believes in everything he’s going to do.

“He believes that he’s going to beat Floyd Mayweather. He believes he’s going to knock Floyd Mayweather out.”

Despite McGregor’s fame, he has his feet firmly on the ground. More recently he took his sparring partner out on a jet skiing outing at the local harbour to let off steam away from the gym.

Floyd Mayweather has warned the irishman he could lose millions failing to make weight


Mayweather has warned McGregor could lose millions failing to make weight

Byrne said: “He took his mates and went to the local harbour on jet skiing and just had a crack and banter. We saw the police there and he was sticking his fingers up and laughing at them.

“I thought that was a good crack. That just shows Conor McGregor is a typical Dublin boy. He’s not ravished on his money.”

According to Byrne UFC’s biggest asset is far from the brash personality that millions see on camera.

The boxer hadn’t seen him for ten years and the first day they met at camp to spar he was expecting his old pal to be the guy he is on TV.

SunSport’s expert panel discuss the big fight… and there’s only one way it is going to go

McGregor posted this picture and warned: Wake up Floyd. It's all over

Instagram @thenotoriousmma

McGregor posted this picture and warned: ‘Wake up Floyd. It’s all over’

He added: “Conor isn’t really like that; he is the typical everyday Dublin boy. He has not changed, he’s still the same boy he was ten years ago, still your local Dublin boy.”

“The only thing is he has to be like that (trash-talking image) now because when he’s on TV and in front of the cameras he has to sell himself, he’s told me.”

“Floyd Mayweather loves money, and Conor McGregor is on the way to becoming the next Floyd Mayweather, not in boxing terms but in money terms.”

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