Courteney Cox revisits iconic ‘Friends’ apartment in New York City, draws emotional reactions from fans


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Monica Geller is back home — well, sort of.

Courteney Cox, who portrayed the beloved neat freak on “Friends,” revisited their iconic New York City apartment building on Thursday.

“The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000,” Cox captioned an Instagram clip, tagging Jimmy Kimmel’s screenwriter wife and close pal Molly McNearney.


In the video, Cox walks toward the brick building, located on 90 Bedford Street, and turns to face the camera.

“Good night, guys. I’m going home,” said Cox as she continued walking.

Throughout the show, characters explained that the two-bedroom apartment in the West Village was previously owned by Monica and Ross’ (David Schwimmer) grandma. In one of the episodes, Monica and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) were threatened to be kicked out of the rent-controlled apartment with its signature purple walls after their super discovered they were subletting it illegally.

In the last season, Monica and Chandler (Matthew Perry) emptied out the apartment as they prepared to move to a larger house in Westchester County, where they could raise their family.

So, it’s understandable Cox would suggest the rent price of the iconic home would have skyrocketed since then.


Needless to say, fans are a little emotional about Cox’s return.

“THIS VIDEO IS MESSING WITH MY FEELINGS 😭,” one Instagram user replied.

“Oommmmg could you imagine bumping into her there 🤣❤️,” another asked.

“Omg i just died 😍😍,” a fan added.

This isn’t the first time Cox has taken a trip down memory lane.

A few weeks ago, Cox channeled her TV brother David Schwimmer (Ross) while attempting to move furniture in her home over the weekend. In a video posted online Saturday, Cox is overheard instructing movers to “pivot” as they attempt to get a wooden coffee table through a tight doorway.

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