Cramer enjoys this battery maker backed by Ford, BMW

Cramer loves this battery maker backed by Ford, BMW

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Jim Cramer

Scott Mlyn|CNBC

CNBC’s Jim Cramer is bullish on soon-to-be-public battery maker Solid Power as a “zero hype” electrical car play.

The solid-state battery producer counts Ford and BMW amongst its financiers and makes innovation that Cramer stated might alter the video game for electrical car makers.

“We know the biggest bottleneck for electric vehicles is the battery,” Cramer stated. “Fortunately, there’s an alternative in the works — solid-state battery technology — that’s lighter, cheaper, longer-lasting and much less likely to catch on fire.”

Solid Power is set to go public by means of a merger with unique function acquisition business Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III.

“Now there’s a solid-state battery play with zero hype,” Cramer stated.

Solid Power’s co-founder and CEO Doug Campbell appeared on CNBC’s “Mad Money” Friday to share how solid-state batteries might affect the electrical car market.

“In a solid-state battery we have replaced that volatile and flammable liquid and gel polymer electrolyte with a very stable, solid ion conducting material,” Campbell stated. “Our cells may still fail, but they do so in a very benign. non-catastrophic manner… In other words, instead of a thermal runaway on your hands, you simply have a dead brick.”

The enhanced innovation might cut expenses for car manufacturers, Campbell described.

“We think, and our [original equipment manufacturer] partners think, that the style of future EV battery loads including solid-state batteries will be significantly easier,” Campbell stated. “So that would drive down the cost.”

Cramer kept in mind Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III’s stock closed at the $10 level Friday, possibly providing a budget-friendly entrance into a financial investment chance.

“You heard Ford’s endorsement. You do the homework. I think sounds like a very interesting situation,” Cramer informed audiences.

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