Crazy-strong Gore-Tex is inside your laptop computer (and your body) – Video

Crazy-strong Gore-Tex is inside your laptop (and your body) - Video

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All right, let’s do this.
You may be questioning why I’m tampering liquid nitrogen.
It’s how the makers of Gore-Tex abuse test their most difficult products.
Okay, so-
You needs to simply proceed and simply provide it [UNKNOWN].
Like this?
[LAUGH] It’s Beta Test, right?
It actually is.
You most likely believe water resistant coats when you hear the name Gore-Tex, however the very same product in those close is utilized in whatever from medical gadgets inside the body to area matches.
This wonderful product is called PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene.
It begins life as a rock, which is ground into a powder and after that became great deals of various types, like a block or a rod.
Essentially what we make with that block or rod is, we broaden it to develop broadened polytetrafluoroethylene, which you can see here in extremely various type elements from this extremely thin product here.
Wow, that’s exceptionally thin, it resembles I can put my finger through [UNKNOWN] like that.
There we go, precisely.
So something that would be almost difficult to put your finger through.
No, that is difficult.
And then we can likewise make in tube [UNKNOWN] elements So by producing all these various type elements with our processing of PTFE and broadened PTFE, we have the ability to enjoy a substantial breadth of applications here at Gore.
Expanded PTFE was in fact found by mishap in 1969 when Bob Gore when got actually annoyed throughout an experiment.
Here’s what occurred.
All right, let’s attempt cover it a bit, and after that whoa, whoa, that’s insane.
So what you have actually done is you have actually altered the microstructure of PTF and you have actually produced broadened PTFE from PTFE.
So now there’s air therein.
And we need to take the gloves off and you can actually feel the distinction
The shift is actually hot.
But if you feel completion, you can see how difficult the product is at the very end.
Spongy and soft and squishy and in here, it resembles I could not squeeze that if I attempted actually, actually hard.
That’s remarkable.
.>> ETFA has a substantial temperature level variety.
When it’s mixed with aerogel, the very same product NASA utilizes on the Mars Rover, it can insulate your laptop computer from heat to keep it carrying out at its peak.
So this is simply a demonstration, not that there’s crayons in your laptop computer, however a simple method to reveal the efficiency of this thin, versatile product.
So if you proceed and switch on the warmer, it’s simply this dial right there.>> Yeah, alright.>> And turn it around And we can look in on the crayons.
As the plate warms up, you’ll begin to see the one crayon that does not have the insulation simply merging the warmer after a bit.
And on the other side, we’ll have the crayon on top of this insulation, that does not alter.
That’s insane, it’s melting so quick!
And the one with the product below is completely great.
There’s no proof that it’s melting at all.
And we have one down.
So if you desire, you can shut off that warmer, you can raise that crayon.
And you’ll see it, simply at the end there, it began to melt a bit.
Just a bit.
And you’ll see that it’s still versatile, still undamaged.
It’s still versatile, it’s in fact not that hot below.
The direct surface area that it touched with, on the warmer
It’s warm, however it’s no place near hot.
Now it’s time to take PTFE sub-zero.
This is a cryogen bag utilized to safeguard drugs from temperature level modifications throughout transit.
We’re gonna compare it to a routine freezer bag.
So I’m gonna dip it in here.
Yep, you can.
It’s sizzling.
So you wish to get that dunk in there so it gets actually great and cold.
Splashes all over.
It’ll be actually fragile and difficult, so simply provide a tough yank on it.
I did it.
All right.
It split up.
It completely broke down.
It simply splintered entirely.
So that is among the compromises of regular polymers is you can either have them have excellent residential or commercial properties at space temperature level or at cold temperature level.
Now, I’m gonna attempt and break the cryo bag.
Don’t attempt this in the house, or make with the best devices, I think.
So I can here it in fact being more crispy and it feels a bit more crispy and it certainly sounds it however your right it’s not breaking.
It’s not moving.
If anything, my hands are chillier than the plastic today.
So now we concern the frightening physical obstacle part of the episode.
What is going on here, and why exists just a little bit of plastic and extremely, extremely thin product that’s gonna hold me all up in this?
[LAUGH] So think it or not, this piece of plastic that exists is ranked to over 500 pounds.
500 pounds?
All right, so I am gonna suspend myself from this bar and it’s gonna hold my weight?
That’s right.
Okay, I’m sort of too high to do a pull-up since I’m sort of bending here, however all right, let’s see.
There you go, wow.
I have no weight in my feet at all.
This is insane.
The most susceptible part of this is me.
But I have not evaluated the core of what GORE-TEX is actually understood for, waterproofing.
I’m using GORE-TEX head to toe, even with GORE-TEX reverse, to see if it in fact keeps me dry.
Yeah, style forward, 100 % so elegant.
So the concept is I’m going to get sprayed with a tube.
I do not understand why I registered for this, and I’m going to be completely dry.
We’ll see how well this holds up.
Okay, the supreme test.
Super fashionable.
I am head to toe in GORE-TEX equipment.
Now the distinction in between this coat and other GORE-TEX coats is that that EPTFE product and membrane is in fact on the exterior of the coat instead of in between the versatile materials on other GORE-TEX coats.
All right, sorry, let’s see if this in fact applies and it’s Waterproof since I have a costly microphone below here and I do not wanna need to pay to change it.
So, Linda, take it away.
[UNKNOWN] cold.
Okay, this is simply harsh now.
This is simply to spray me with water.
All right, alright, all right, all right, all right, all right, that suffices.
Okay, so I’m gonna shake it off and
I’m dry.
Can you still hear me?
Is the microphone still working?
I believe we’re great.
I feel cold, however I’m not damp.
There you go.
It’s completely water resistant.
Thanks for viewing Beta Test.
I hope you liked this episode.
Make sure to provide it a thumbs up and subscribe, and I’ll see you next time.
This is insane, woah.
Are you alright?
Yeah, I’m fine.
See, it almost occurred.

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