Criticisms of Russia’s coronavirus vaccine are ‘dishonest’: RDIF chief

Criticisms of Russia's coronavirus vaccine are 'unethical': RDIF chief

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Criticisms of Russia’s coronavirus vaccine are unhealthy, dishonest and ineffective, according to Kirill Dmitriev, president of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF — which is backing the questionable vaccine called “Sputnik V.”

“We’re completely transparent and open. There is very negative narrative in some of the Western nations, and frankly we feel it’s very sad because basically it doesn’t allow people to have honest information on our vaccine,” Dmitriev informed CNBC’s “Capital Connection” on Tuesday.

“We all need to be very practical and stop this rhetoric of trying to paint each other’s vaccine black. It’s very unhealthy, it’s very unethical and very unproductive.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared in August that his nation had actually signed up the world’s very first vaccine for the coronavirus illness, or Covid-19.

We’re handling the worst epidemic ever and I believe nations require to be practical. Try various vaccines, and not simply make a bet on one vaccine…

Kirill Dmitriev


The statement instantly drew apprehension from researchers and public health authorities. They questioned the security and efficiency of the vaccine as it had yet to go through the more comprehensive Phase 3 scientific trials, and explained that information from earlier trials we

re not released.

Last month, a research study released in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet stated initial arise from Russia’s trials discovered that the vaccine revealed no severe unfavorable adverse effects. However, some researchers have actually questioned the dependability of information in the research study.  

Still, 2 nations — Belarus and the United Arab Emirates — have actually begun human trials for the Russian vaccine. Additional trials are apparently set to start in Venezuela.

Dmitriev stated nations need to “test for themselves” the security and effectiveness of Russia’s vaccine.

“We’re dealing with the worst epidemic ever and I think countries need to be pragmatic,” he stated. “Try different vaccines, and not just make a bet on one vaccine but have several vaccines in the portfolio.”

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