Defense Secretary Austin orders attack aircraft carrier and bombers to secure U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Austin orders aircraft carrier and bombers to guard U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has actually purchased long-range bombers and the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower attack aircraft carrier to assist offer security for U.S. soldiers as they withdraw from Afghanistan, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby stated Friday.

Austin has actually extended the objective of the Eisenhower, which is currently in the Middle East, Kirby informed press reporters, and 2 B-52 bombers have actually currently gotten here in the area.

NBC News reported Thursday that 2 senior Defense authorities stated U.S. leaders had actually requested the release of a provider to assist safeguard soldiers as they withdraw.

With fighter squadrons ready, a aircraft carrier in the area would offer extra cover in case U.S. and other NATO forces come under fire as they leave by a Sept. 11 due date set by President Joe Biden. The demand highlights issues at the Pentagon that the Taliban might release attacks on the soldiers as they take out.

The Taliban has actually meant the possibility that it might target U.S.-led forces after May 1 as the U.S. had actually vowed to take out all forces by the due date under an arrangement signed in 2015 with the insurgents.

The New York Times initially reported the ask for a provider.

In revealing Austin’s choice, Kirby stated, “The secretary has actually been clear we need to presume — and it would be reckless and careless not to presume — that there might be resistance and opposition to the drawdown by the Taliban offered their strong rhetoric.”

“We’re going to make this a safe, organized, intentional and accountable withdrawal. … I’m not going to get ahead of future possible implementations. But I believe it’s affordable to presume as I stated prior to that there might be short-term force defense steps and enablers that we would need to make certain once again that this drawdown goes efficiently and securely for our males and females.”

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