Devastated Father Donates 6-Day-Old Baby’s Organs After Losing Wife In Labour


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A person needed to undergo probably the most painful week of his life after he misplaced each his spouse and new child child inside a brief time period. This heartbreaking incident happened in April 2019 in Huzhou, China.

According to Oriental Daily, the man and his wife, Fei Fei, were blessed with a baby in July 2018, and the couple had nicknamed the baby ‘Little Pea’ as they wanted the baby to grow up happy and healthy.

“Fei Fei would read stories to the baby every day and sometimes, she asked me to accompany her,” the husband said. 

When 18th April 2019 came, the husband and family friends were waiting outside the operating theatre, ready to welcome Little Pea to this world. Sadly, Fei Fei died after suffering from a life-threatening complication called amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), where the amniotic fluid enters the bloodstream of the mother and causes the heart and lung systems to collapse. 

Meanwhile, the baby was clinging on to life and was sent to ICU. Despite receiving treatment, the baby succumbed to severe suffocation and was pronounced dead after six days. After sitting outside the ICU overnight, the father decided to donate the baby’s organs as another way to let the baby live. 

Source: Oriental Daily

Source: Oriental Daily

“My wife told me before that she wanted to help others if her life can’t be saved. I’m sure she agrees with my decision (of donating the baby’s organs),” the grieving father said. 

After a few days, the father signed the document with Red Cross Society workers to donate the 6-day-old baby’s corneas and kidneys. Before the baby was pushed into the operating theatre, the father kissed the baby’s forehead one last time and placed the toy Fei Fei made for Little Pea on the baby. He believes that the mother and daughter will meet each other in the afterlife. 

“Little Pea, you haven’t had a chance to look at this world and you’re gone. Now, another person can look at the world on behalf of you. I’m sure you’d support my decision. Please take care of your mother in the afterlife for me,” the father said in front of the baby’s grave. 

Source: Oriental Daily

Our prayers and thoughts are with the man and hopefully, he’ll have the strength to pull through this trying time. RIP to Fei Fei and Little Pea.


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