Devoted Father Queues for 3 Days to Buy RM1,000 Adidas Sneakers for Son



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Sneakerheads will do something to get their palms on a long-awaited pair of sneakers when they’re launched. however this 44-year-old man who queued up for 3 days is definitely not a type of who achieve this willingly. The person, surnamed Li, was noticed among the many first 20 hopeful clients queueing exterior an Adidas retailer in Taichung, Taiwan for the Adidas Yeezy Increase 350 V2 Black drop on seventh June.

Delivery Driver Father Queues for 3 Days Just to Buy Over RM1,000 Sneakers for Son - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Taiwan Apple Daily

According to Taiwan Apple Daily, who interviewed Li, he told them that he was queuing up to buy the shoes for his son. Wearing slippers and holding some cardboard boxes, he said that he had been sleeping outside the store for three nights so that he wouldn’t lose his spot in the queue. 

He said that he was doing it for his son, who is in Form 3, as he really wanted the sneakers but needed to go to school, so Li offered to queue for him. The devoted father said that he wanted to buy the shoes to reward his son for having good results in his studies as well. Li added that although he didn’t earn much as a delivery driver, he was willing to spend money on the sneakers because his son wanted a pair.

Devoted Father Queues for 3 Days to Buy Over RM1,000 Adidas Sneakers for Son - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Sneaker News

Devoted Father Queues for 3 Days to Buy Over RM1,000 Adidas Sneakers for Son - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Taiwan Apple Daily

The official price of the Yeezys is 8,800 TWD (RM1,163), and one of the people queuing there said that it was worth it, as it was a limited edition item. Although that particular Adidas store did not mention how many pairs of the coveted sneakers they had in stock, there were about 300 people willing to line up for the long-awaited shoes.

Li said that he had not gone home for three days already and said that he couldn’t wait to buy the sneakers so that he could finally bring them back to his son.

That’s a really expensive pair of sneakers! We hope that Li’s son will appreciate what his father did for him!


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