Doctors Say You Can Gain Weight & Get Fat From Taking Your Work Too Seriously



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Most of us are confronted with stress and stress at our office every day, which makes it actually dangerous for our well being. Plainly we placed on extra weight after we begin coming into the workforce and this has been blamed on a wide range of elements. Now, docs are saying that the trigger for this weight achieve may very effectively be attributable to us taking our work too severely!

Doctors Say That Those Who Take Their Work Too Seriously Will Tend to Get Fat - WORLD OF BUZZ

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According to UDN, people always say they can handle stress well during interviews and can take on many responsibilities in order to get the job but if you are too serious over your work, this could lead to weight gain. That’s because you would put untold pressure on yourself to complete your work and when you stress yourself too much, your body would feel the effects.

When your body accumulates too much stress and pressure, you may experience insomnia or even fall sick. Otherwise, you also tend to release stress by snacking away at your desk or eating too much food but these habits are actually really unhealthy ways to relax. Not to mention bad for your waistline! 

Doctors Say That Those Who Take Their Work Too Seriously Will Tend to Get Fat - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Healthy News Tips

In fact, this is not really a new finding as doctors and scientists have been saying that work stress makes you fat for a few years now. Dr Michael Mosley penned an article for BBC previously and explained some of the reasons as well, saying, “Chronic stress disrupts our sleep and our blood sugar levels. This leads to increased hunger and comfort eating.”

He added that if this situation prolongs, this could deteriorate to unhealthy levels of body fat and even type-2 diabetes if an individual is not careful. Based on some tests they did, the results show that your body enters into a “fight or flight” mode when you are stressed.

Doctors Say That Those Who Take Their Work Too Seriously Can Make You Fat - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Human Resource Online

Your body is preparing for this and glucose is released into your blood so that you have the energy in your muscles but since you’re not exactly under attack, then your pancreas pumps out insulin to bring those blood sugar levels back down again. These fluctuating levels of insulin and blood sugar make you hungry and are also what happens to your body when you don’t have enough sleep. Means you will comfort eat and that’s a big no-no!

Hence, the doctors said that it is important that we find healthy ways to release stress and not put too much pressure on ourselves in our jobs.

Take care of your health and don’t be so stressed out okay!


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