Dog jealous of other dog’s ear medicine is the most wholesome thing we’ve seen



It is by no means OK to lie, with one exception: It’s OK, even noble, to mislead your canine to make them really feel included.

To see this moral rule in observe, please watch this video from @chloecopley_05 on Twitter. Apparently, considered one of her canine has to take ear medication, which makes her different canine jealous. (We assume it is because every dose comes with a complimentary ear rub.)

To resolve this cute downside, her dad pretends to present Canine #2 medication too, which — fortunately for you — you may watch within the video above. Please get pleasure from. It is good, it is healthful, and the canine each have velvety, floppy ears. What extra might you probably need?

Want to guage somebody’s character in a pinch? Present them the video. If they do not assume it is cute, they are a dangerous particular person. It is that easy!

Pleased judging!

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