Dog Ran 200km In the Forest to Search For Human Who Abandoned Her and Nearly Died


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We don’t deserve canine.

An deserted canine travelled round 200km on foot simply to seek for its proprietor — and almost died due to it.

The case occurred in Russia, the place the proprietor tried to ship her 1-year-old Bullmastiff again to its kennel the place she was born as a result of the proprietor was allergic to the canine.

In line with the NY Times Post, Maru the doggo was sent back to the kennel via the Trans-Siberian train.

The owner didn’t even have the heart to send Maru back, imagine how heartbroken the dog must be.

Dog Ran 200km in Siberian Forests Just to Search For Her Owner Who Abandoned Her - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: China Press

Maru managed to escape the train through the compartment door, and she trekked through the Siberian forests, avoiding hungry animals just to return to her human. She suffered a panic attack and was extremely afraid because of the loud noises on the train, as well as being apart from her owner.

The kennel owner in Novosibirsk, Alla Morozoa, organised a search party for the lost dog. Luckily, within two and a half days, Maru was finally found alive with tears in her eyes at an industrial estate, although wounded and exhausted.

Dog Ran 200km in Siberian Forests Just to Search For Her Owner Who Abandoned Her - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: NY Times Post

The kennel owner said,

“Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up. The dog was very tired. The was lame, her paws were broken. The pads on her feet were damaged. Her muzzle was broken.”

If it weren’t for her injuries, she would’ve made it to her owner’s home. She was that close to where she lived, even though she had no reference point!

Alla also stated that she was angered by how the owner who abandoned Maru didn’t even participate in the search. WTF. 😡

We understand the excitement of getting a new pet, but please, animals aren’t toys. Adopt responsibly, guys.

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