Doja Cat Claps Back Over Plastic Surgery Confessions

Doja Cat Claps Back Over Plastic Surgery Confessions

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Doja Cat isn’t scared to enter it with Twitter users who have something unfavorable to state.

The “Say So” vocalist required to Twitter to reveal that she just recently got her breasts done and liposuction carried out on her thighs. But after some eye-brow raising responses, Doja fired back at the haters who made remarks about her cosmetic surgery.

“i got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if i move too much,” Doja Cat tweeted, “but im healing really fast.”

One Twitter user discovered that Doja was getting some flack in the remark area, asking, “why ppl upset she got lipo?” Doja replied in a March 20 tweet, “because people need things to be upset about. because people are miserable and people need a job.”

When another Twitter user asked Doja to “stop encouraging your young and impressionable fans to change their bodies,” the 27- year-old wrote back March 26, “eat my long quiet and warm farts.”