Dolphin bites young boy’s hand in the Black Sea Resort, Odessa, Ukraine

    Moment dolphin sinks its teeth into young boy's hand who tried to pet it

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    A six-year-old young boy was bitten by a dolphin after it jumped out of a swimming pool believing his hand was food.

    Footage reveals the dolphin sinking its teeth into the young boy’s hand in the Black Sea Resort in Odessa, Ukraine as the kid stood with his arm outstretched waiting to animal him.

    The young boy can be heard screaming out in discomfort prior to the animal launched its jaws. He was rapidly hurried to medical facility with deep cuts and was offered numerous stitches. 

    The dolphin was not meaning to assault the young boy, its fitness instructor at Nemo Dolphinarium stated.  

    Officials stated visitors were alerted not to approach the edge of the swimming pool or put their hands in the water. 

    This minute is recorded on cam where the dolphin jumps out of the water and bites the 6-year-old young boy after misinterpreting his hand for a reward at the Black Sea Resort in Ukraine (Picture: @odessa_hello)

    The dolphin nips the young boy’s hand in a minute of unbearable discomfort at the Black Sea Resort in Ukraine (Picture: @odessa_hello)

    The six-year-old young boy was hurried to medical facility with deep cuts and offered 7 stitches in Ukraine (Picture: @odessa_hello)

    Olena Komogorova, the Dolphinarium’s head fitness instructor, stated: ‘A hand, stretched above the water, means that somebody offers a treat.’ 

    Local media reported that the female blamed herself for what took place and stated she would not take legal action against the fish tank.

    The Dolphinarium administration is preparing to reinforce its security procedures following the event.

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