Don Jr. blasts Roy Moore as he floats another Senate run: ‘It’s time to ride off into the sunset’


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    Donald Trump Jr. slammed Judge Roy Moore as the previously failed candidate teased another run for the Alabama Senate seat.

    Moore’s 2017 candidacy made national headlines after multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct when they were teenagers. He ultimately lost the race to Democrat Doug Jones, who replaced Sen. Luther Strange after filling the seat left vacant by now-former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    As reports indicate that the Alabama judge will launch his candidacy in June, his soon-to-be GOP primary opponent Bradley Byrne welcomed him into the race.

    “I think people are very concerned that we Republicans lost a U.S. Senate seat because he was our nominee in 2017, and we don’t need to do that again,” Byrne said.

    That led to Moore asking himself a rhetorical question, tweeting: “What is Bradley so worried about?”

    “He knows that if I run I will beat Doug Jones.”


    Well, that tweet sparked a blistering response from Trump Jr., whose father previously endorsed Moore’s candidacy during the general election after Moore clinched the GOP nomination.

    “You mean like last time? You’re literally the only candidate who could lose a GOP seat in pro-Trump, pro-USA ALABAMA. Running for office should never become a business model,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “If you actually care about #MAGA more than your own ego, it’s time to ride off into the sunset, Judge.”

    National Republican leaders are signaling they’ll again try preventing their party from nominating the twice-removed state jurist. Moore’s defeat for the same seat two years ago made him the first Republican in reliably red Alabama to lose a Senate race in a quarter century.

    Moore’s nomination could also have national repercussions, allowing Democrats to accuse the GOP of ignoring the #MeToo movement and coddling a man accused of sexual misconduct, allegations he’s denied.

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