Donald Trump and Melania held hands, marriage is still ‘on the rocks’


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Donald Trump has his faults. Allegedly leaking intel to Russia and wearing ties that are too long are some.

But his hands are once again in the spotlight. Not for their size (reportedly similar to his temper: child like) but for his lack of knowing how to use them. 

Did Melania swat Donald’s hand away?

A slight hand gesture, as US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania walked down the red carpet in Israel, has turned into a viral sensation.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged he can’t shake hands. Just look at past performances with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Canada’s dreamboat-in-chief Justin Trudeau and most recently Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who have all endured shaking his hand, despite some diplomatic slip ups and slight shoulder dislocation in Abe’s case.

He is also battling to hold them. Despite once bragging about using them to “grab them [women] by the pussy” now POTUS can’t even get his own wife to take his hand in public. 

This week the world has not only witnessed his first overseas trip as President during his tour of the Middle East, but we’ve also been given front row seats to the Cold War re-enactment that appears to be the Trump’s marriage. However the only evidence to suggest their union is “on the rocks” is that Melania and The Don are not into PDA, like our Nicole and Keith Urban in Cannes, or smiling in each other’s company. Ever.

Back in January there was the fake smile incident and their awkward dancing at the inauguration and most recently a viral clip reportedly showed the First Lady “swatting” Trump’s hand away as he attempted to hold it as they strolled around Israel.

By the end of their visit, as they walked to Air Force One to head to the Vatican on Wednesday, the first couple made a point to hold hands on the tarmac. Or, as captured by photographers on the ground, it was more like a wrist grasp. The kind of manoeuvre usually employed by parents when needing to quickly remove their offspring from a public, ugly crying meltdown in the lolly aisle.

During the three hour flight from Jerusalem to Rome relations looked to have soured as Trump attempted to take Mrs Trump’s hand again. After stepping off the plane in Italy she brushed him off by brushing the hair from her designer sunglasses instead. 

It wasn’t long until the internet was once again having a field day with the incident.

Obama’s White House photographer-turned-Trump troll-in-chief Pete Souza mocked the couple’s hand-holding failure on Instagram by posting a throwback of the loved-up Obamas holding hands at an official function.

Holding hands.

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The couple will enjoy some time in Rome after meeting with The Pope before Trump meets with top EU officials, leaders of NATO and G-7 countries. Only time will tell if the tail end of the tour will be more Roman Holiday than Gladiator.

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