Dozens of pro-democracy activists apprehended and charged with subversion in Hong Kong

Dozens of pro-democracy activists detained and charged with subversion in Hong Kong

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Dozens of pro-democracy activists and opposition figures were charged with conspiracy to dedicate subversion in Hong Kong Sunday, in the biggest single crackdown on the opposition under the nationwide security law enforced by Beijing in 2015.

Hong Kong authorities stated in a declaration that 47 individuals had actually been apprehended and would appear in court on Monday. The authorities did not call individuals who had actually been charged.

But a multitude of social networks posts rapidly appeared calling a few of them and regional media shot them as the reported to police headquarters after they were summoned by the authorities.

Joshua Wong, a leading figure in Hong Kong’s pro-democratic motion who is currently in jail for his function in an anti-government rally in 2019, was charged with conspiracy to dedicate subversion, according to a post on his Facebook page.

Former law teacher Benny Tai postures for professional photographers prior to strolling in a police headquarters in Hong Kong Sunday on Sunday.AP

The Facebook page of Lester Shum, another popular demonstration leader, likewise stated he had actually been charged.

Before getting in a police headquarters, activist Sam Cheung informed press reporters that Hong Kongers had “a truly difficult time nowadays,” according to Reuters. “I hope everyone won’t give up on Hong Kong … (and) fight on,” he stated.

The Facebook pages of popular activists, consisting of Eddie Chu, Alvin Yeung, Owen Chow, Fergus Leung and Tiffany Yuen, stated they were charged too. NBC News has actually not had the ability to confirm this. Reuters reported that previous law teacher Benny Tai was likewise charged.

The detentions were condemned by rights groups consisting of Amnesty International which called them an “outrageous attack on serene expression and association,” on Twitter.

Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch likewise tweeted that Beijing was revealing “it holds true colors.”

“Hong Kong democracy activists are charged with ‘subversion.’ Why? Because they arranged a casual main election to pick the greatest pro-democracy prospects. In other words, “subversion” is preferring democracy,” he composed.

The detentions followed lots of democracy activists and previous legislators were jailed in a sweeping authorities operation last month, implicated of arranging and getting involved an informal main last July.

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Pro-democracy activists and legislators held the main election to find out which prospects they need to field in a now-postponed legal election that would enhance their opportunities of getting a bulk of seats in legislature. Gaining a bulk would permit the pro-democracy camp to vote versus expenses they considered to be pro-Beijing, obstruct spending plans and immobilize the federal government.

But authorities stated that the activists’ involvement in the primaries belonged to a strategy to immobilize the city’s legislature and overturn state power.

Beijing enforced the nationwide security law last June to stop dissent following months of anti-government demonstrations in 2019 versus viewed Chinese suppression of Hong Kong’s fundamental liberties and autonomy. The brand-new law penalizes acts of subversion, secession, collusion with foreign forces and terrorism with possible life jail time.

Following the handover of Hong Kong to China by the British in 1997, Hong Kong has actually run on a “one country, two systems” structure that manages it flexibilities not discovered on the mainland.

But in the last few years, Beijing has actually asserted more control over the city, drawing criticism that Hong Kong’s flexibilities were under attack.

Reuters and the Associated Press added to this report.

Ed Flanagan contributed.

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