Dr. Quardt’s Dr. 90210 Surgery Is a Pimple Popper’s Dream – E! Online

Dr. Quardt's Dr. 90210 Surgery Is a Pimple Popper's Dream - E! Online

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Dr. Suzanne Quardt does it all.

So, throughout Monday, Oct. 5’s brand new Dr. 90210, Dr. Q had no qualms dealing with “the biggest mass” she’s ever seen. For her newest assessment, the cosmetic surgeon consulted with brand-new client Blake, who fought with a huge swelling on his face.

“I’ve got another face on my face,” the Virginia resident described to the Dr. 90210 cam. “Before this happened, probably two or three years, I had a bump come up on this side of my face also and it ended up going away after six months to a year, and I thought this was the same thing.”

Unfortunately for Blake, it was not.

According to the 25-year-old client, the swelling “started real small, just like a whitehead.” As he continued, Blake exposed that the mass had “pretty much doubled in size every year.”

After Dr. Q asked about previous treatment for the mass, Blake stated he formerly attempted to squeeze it, however it “never came to a head.”

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