Drew Peterson’s Twisted Path to Prison Involved at Least One Dead Wife

Drew Peterson's Twisted Path to Prison Involved at Least One Dead Wife

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After his marital relationship to Carol ended in 1980, Peterson was quickly engaged to 20- year-old Kyle Piry and after that wed 23- year-old single mommy Victoria Rutkiewicz in1982 His previous stepdaughter, Lisa, informed Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in November 2007 (appearing just in shape, her surname kept) that Peterson had actually been violent towards both her and her mom throughout their nine-year marital relationship, and was a cheater. (Peterson rejected her claims of physical abuse.)

Drew and Victoria separated in 1992 and wed 28- year-old Kathleen Savio that very same year. Drew was 38.

Piry, who satisfied Peterson when he was on the task examining a criminal activity at the gasoline station where she worked, informed Today‘s Meredith Viera in 2007 that she was never ever scared of him when she was with him, “probably naively.” She remembered, “He was attractive. He was funny. He had a good wit about him. He was complimentary and that sort of thing. He was charming.”

But, she did acknowledge a few of the habits– envious, possessive, violent– she ‘d become aware of in accounts of his 2nd, 3rd and 4th marital relationships. “It seemed like it started with me,” Piry stated. “I heard his first wife said there was no abuse of any sort—and maybe snowballed—with each woman got a little worse.”

Ultimately she broke off their engagement after 4 months, Piry stated, since “there were too many things that just made me really uncomfortable.” After that, he continued to stalk and bug her, even pulling her over to compose fake traffic tickets, she declared. Piry stated in numerous interviews that she called the cops on him after he pressed her when she went back to his home to get a few of her belongings, however officers on the force who got along with Peterson motivated her not to press charges. They “swept it away,” she informed ABC News.

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