During the last lunar eclipse, a meteor smacked the Moon in the face at 38,000 Mph


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On January 21, 2019, the total moon handed solely into Earth’s shadow and, properly, bought smacked within the face fairly laborious.

Seconds after the overall section of that night time’s lunar eclipse started, a meteorite slammed into the moon’s floor, inflicting a quick however shiny flash of sunshine seen to novice astronomers throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Skilled astronomers have been watching too — and now, after months of finding out impression footage taken by a fleet of eight telescopes in southern Spain, a group of researchers thinks they know simply how laborious the moon bought smacked, and what did the smacking. [Crash! 10 Biggest Impact Craters on Earth]

In response to a brand new examine revealed April 30 within the journal Month-to-month Discover of the Royal Astronomical Society, the article that hit the moon on January 21 was seemingly a rogue meteoroid measuring simply 1 to 2 toes in diameter (30 to 60 centimeters) and touring at a staggering 38,000 mph (61,000 km/h). This wee, speedy rock seemingly created a contemporary lunar crater measuring some 50 toes (15 meters) throughout.

The group reached these estimates after finding out the temporary impression flash — which lasted solely zero.28 seconds — with the Moon Impacts Detection and Evaluation System, or MIDAS telescopes. By finding out the flash in a number of totally different wavelengths of sunshine, the researchers estimated the impression’s temperature to be about 10,000 levels Fahrenheit (5,400 levels Celsius), roughly the identical temperature because the floor of the s un .

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Based mostly on the temperature and length of the flash, the group then calculated the velocity of the impactor, its dimension and weight (about 100 lbs. or 45 kilograms) and the dimensions of the crater it created. The scientists additionally estimated that the power of the blast was equal to detonating about 1.65 tons of TNT (1500 kg) on our nearest cosmic neighbor.

These numbers are spectacular, however commonplace. In response to a 2016 examine within the journal Nature, the moon’s pocked and cracked floor acquires about 140 new craters measuring no less than 33 toes (10 meters) throughout yearly. As a result of the moon has no environment, even the smallest area rocks could make a big impression on the lunar floor. Normally, nonetheless, circumstances are too shiny for astronomers to see these impacts.

Catching a lunar impression within the midst of a complete lunar eclipse is a uncommon occasion for researchers just like the MIDAS group, who concentrate on finding out these frequent if unpredictable occasions. Higher understanding lunar impacts may assist safeguard the following wave of astronauts set to return to the moon within the subsequent decade, the researchers wrote within the examine.

Initially revealed on Dwell Science.

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