Dylan Minnette Defends “Underdressing” to Scream Event

Dylan Minnette Defends

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Dylan Minnette is sharing the (13) reasons he wasn’t in fact underdressed at an occasion promoting the upcoming Scream movie

On Saturday,Jan 8, the 25- year-old star took to Twitter to set the record directly after individuals online slammed his style options at the current Los Angeles picture require the 5th movie in the series. Dylan used a brilliant blue t-shirt, black denims, and gown shoes, while co-stars Mason Gooding and Jack Quaid went with fits at the occasion, which was softened from an appropriate best amidst COVID-19 issues.

“To everyone absolutely demolishing me for ‘underdressing’ to the ‘scream premiere red carpet’… it wasn’t a premiere,” Minnettetweeted “Our premiere was (sadly) cancelled.”

The star guaranteed his fans that, if the best had not been cancelled, he would’ve used suitable clothes, including, “Of course i would’ve dressed for the occasion of a premiere sillies!!”