Easter Island discovery: Experts unravel mystery of ancient statues


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Historians have lengthy questioned why Easter Island’s well-known statues are largely situated on the coast of the distant Pacific island – now a crew of archaeologists has give you a solution.

Researchers, together with specialists from Binghamton College, State College at New York, have shed new gentle on why the traditional statues are positioned alongside the island’s coast. Round 900 statues, or moai, are dotted round Easter Island.

The crew found that, with little freshwater out there on the island, islanders seemingly relied on groundwater discharge in coastal areas as their foremost supply of drinkable water.


“Now that we all know extra in regards to the location of freshwater, nonetheless, the placement of those monuments and different options makes super sense: they’re positioned the place freshwater is straight away out there,” stated Binghamton College Professor of Anthropology Carl Lipo, in an announcement.

Moai At Hanga Kio’e, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile (Picture by: Insights/UIG by way of Getty Photos)

Lipo notes that the porous volcanic soil of Easter Island shortly absorbs rain, leading to a scarcity of rivers and streams. “Luckily, water beneath the bottom flows downhill and finally exits the bottom straight on the level at which the porous subterranean rock meets the ocean,” he stated. “When tides are low, this leads to the move of freshwater straight into the ocean. People can thus benefit from these sources of freshwater by capturing the water at these factors.”

The analysis is printed within the Hydrogeology Journal.


Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, incorporates two lakes which are troublesome to entry, no streams and only one spring that’s “usually decreased to a wetland lavatory,” in line with researchers. There are, nonetheless, small carved-out cisterns for amassing rainfall, known as “taheta,” though the research notes that these can solely accumulate comparatively small quantities of water – between 2 and four liters every.

File photo - Statues at Anakena Beach, Easter Island, Chile. (Photo by Eric LAFFORGUE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

File picture – Statues at Anakena Seaside, Easter Island, Chile. (Picture by Eric LAFFORGUE/Gamma-Rapho by way of Getty Photos)

Researchers estimate that with simply 49 inches of annual rainfall, coupled with an evaporation price pushed by the island’s local weather, taheta couldn’t be viable sources of ingesting water for 317 days out of the 12 months.

Within the first European accounts of Easter Island, the islanders seem to “drink seawater.” On condition that the human physique can’t course of the excessive salt content material of seawater, researchers consider the accounts are seemingly a reference to groundwater discharge on the island’s coast.


“This data finally sheds gentle on the situations that drove and enabled these communities to work collectively to realize their feats of engineering,” Lipo stated. “By gaining information about group scale habits, we will achieve insights into the overall situations mandatory for group-level cooperation — whether or not up to now or in up to date society.”

This August 2012 photo shows heads at Rano Raraku, the quarry on Easter Island.

This August 2012 picture reveals heads at Rano Raraku, the quarry on Easter Island.
(AP Picture/Karen Schwartz)

Within the subsequent stage of the analysis, specialists will study how the provision of freshwater in sure areas is linked to the strategies and technique of constructing the statues.

The distant Pacific island, which is situated greater than 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, continues to be a supply of fascination for historians. Earlier this 12 months, researchers, together with specialists from Binghamton College, labored out how historic islanders have been capable of place huge stone hats on the statues.


In 2016, analysis carried out on artifacts from the island questioned the speculation that the traditional civilization there was destroyed by warfare.

Consultants, additionally from Binghamton College, studied a whole bunch of historic objects discovered on the shores of Easter Island. Beforehand, the artifacts have been regarded as spear factors, however evaluation reveals that they have been seemingly basic objective instruments.

Carved from obsidian, or volcanic glass, 1000’s of the triangular objects, often called mata’a, litter the floor of the island.

Some scientists have estimated, that, at its peak, Easter Island’s inhabitants might have been as excessive as 20,000, however fell over centuries after the island’s timber and palms have been reduce right down to construct canoes and transport its well-known big statues. One idea means that the deforestation led to soil erosion, impacting the island’s potential to help wildlife and farming, and the collapse of its civilization.

When the Dutch arrived on the island in 1722, its inhabitants was three,000 or much less. Solely 111 inhabitants have been dwelling on Easter Island by 1877.

Nonetheless, different specialists have questioned whether or not Easter Island ever supported a big inhabitants, citing as an alternative the arrival of Europeans, who introduced illnesses and took islanders away as slaves.

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