Emily in Paris’ Ashley Park Reveals What She Knows On Season 2 – E! Online

Emily in Paris' Ashley Park Reveals What She Knows On Season 2 - E! Online

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But even when Ashley isn’t involved the world of Emily in Paris, she’s, well, much like Emily—the social networks lover. Because since late, Ashley has actually been concentrated on getting in touch with her fans and fans on TikTok.

Case in point? Ashley, in addition to Tituss Burgess, Andrew Barth Feldman and lots of other entertainers, started the New Year with Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical. Entertainers came together for a pre-recorded musical, in which they sang of Parisian cooking and highlighted one rat’s long-lasting imagine ending up being a chef. It was a nod to the 2007 Pixar film.

Being part of this job was unique to Ashley, who remembered the favorable responses she got online when she initially revealed her participation.

“I published it on my Instagram, [and] a lot of individuals remained in the remarks, ‘We did this thing.’ This is a musical of individuals,” she shared. “It was a real motion… What you’re seeing is this entire leap of faith we’re taking together since all of us did this with COVID [happening], all of us did this practically. Even though we are still different and didn’t get to practice together or anything, there’s a cumulative heart which’s constantly how it is with Disney.”

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