Emily Maynard Shares New Details About Her Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis – E! Online

Emily Maynard Shares New Details About Her Bell's Palsy Diagnosis - E! Online

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“I thought by age 34 I was free from the vanity I cherished so much in my 20s but there’s something very humbling about being 9 months pregnant and not able to move half your face,” she continued, “I cried a lot and felt horrible but thankfully it got better day by day.”

While Emily stated she’s “not sure” what triggered the Bell’s palsy to return, however she appears to be feeling much better.

A month after her medical diagnosis, Emily and her spouse, Tyler Johnson, invited their 4th kid together. In October, Emily shared the infant news with a two-minute video that recorded her whole day leading up to her child’s arrival. It appeared she had a Caesarean area.

“Welcome to the world Magnolia Belle Johnson,” the mommy of 5 captioned her Instagram post on Oct. 17. “You are the most perfect addition to our family and to say your brothers and sister are already in love would be an understatement.”

She concluded, “My sweet Nola Belle, you are absolute magic and I can’t wait to see God uncover your personality each day. I’m so happy He picked me to be your mommy!”

Emily and Tyler are likewise moms and dads to Gatlin Avery, 2, Gibson Kyle, 4 and Jennings Tyler, 5. She is likewise the happy mommy to her 15-year-old child, Josephine Riddick Hendrick, who she showed late racecar motorist Ricky Hendrick.

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