Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, Facebook tackles Covid-19 misinformation – Video

Epic's Unreal Engine 5, Facebook tackles Covid-19 misinformation - Video

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Epic Games revealed a video demo of its next game engine on Unreal Engine five.

The video run on PlayStation five hardware according to epic, is largely a showcase for how much detail Unreal Engine five can present and how it can be lit.
The whole eight plus minute demo looks like a pre rendered cut scene or a part of a lush animated film.
While visually striking though videos like these don’t usually represent the kind of fidelity games will wind up boasting, but it’s certainly an impressive showcase.
Apple is planning to open its offices in phases, according to a report from Bloomberg Which cited people familiar with the plan.
The phase, which is already begun in some regions globally, focuses on staff who can’t work remotely or face challenges working away from the office.
In July, the company plans to open offices more broadly.
The plan is subject to local stay at home orders, Bloomberg sources also said.
And finally Facebook has been doubling down on artificial intelligence to detect Coronavirus, misinformation and hate speech.
But the social network is finding machines can have a tough time identifying offensive content online.
Facebook uses a mix of human reviewers and technology to detect content that violates its rules before user is reported.
And while AI has made progress, misinformation and hate speech, keep resurfacing on Facebook and other social networks.

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